Top Places Of Virginia

Colonial Williams burg

Few sites better encapsulate the spirit of the American Revolution than Williamsburg, where awe-inspiring eighteenth-century buildings survive or are faithfully recreated on their own grounds. You may stroll through the same streets as Thomas Jefferson and stand where Patrick Henry delivered his speech.

The Beautiful Beach Of Virginia

Virginia Beach, called after a large length of wonderful beach just east of Norfolk, is a well-known and regularly filled retreat town with the greatest inns, beguilements, and a long promenade. Take the kids to the 19-acre Ocean Breeze Water Park, which has Caribbean-themed water slides, a wave pool, and a water jungle gym if the Atlantic Ocean isn’t warm enough for them.

The Astonishing Arlington National Cemetery

The Arlington National Cemetery covers 600 acres and is home to the remains of many of America’s most important figures. The tombs of President John F. Kennedy and the Unknown Soldier are the most often visited.